Luxury Prerunners

Ford Raptor Luxury Prerunner

Trophy Truck Guts + Mercedes Extravagance

Raceworks luxury prerunners are built with the same suspension components and cutting edge technology as championship winning Trophy Trucks: Our Ford Raptor Prerunners and Chevy Silverado Prerunners have billet aluminum a-arms, Pro-Am Hubs, Fox or King bypass and coil-over shocks, 32" of rear wheel travel, 10" rearend with XTRAC differential, and 850HP engine.

Inside it's hand-stitched leather upholstery, hi-def MP3/Sat audio system, dual A/C, 6-way power seats, GPS, Sat phone, and everything else you would expect in your daily driver. 

Luxury Prerunner Interior

Meticulously Built from the Ground Up

Our luxury prerunners start off as nothing but a bare cab. Watch our video series of us building a Ford Raptor prerunner, and you'll see why they take six months to complete. But they're well worth the wait! No need to spend months working out the kinks and fine tuning, just get in and drive!

Pricing ranges from $450-$650k. That may sound like a lot, but think of it as a work of art and the ultimate toy all rolled into one. Racers know prerunning is key to a win in Baja. Plus, they spend more time in their prerunner than their race truck, so it needs to be the best!

Bryce Menzies Prerunner

What Baja Champions Drive

Some of the top racers in off-road racing own our luxury prerunners, including the McMillins, Bryce Menzies, Ryan Poelman, Stronghold Motorsports and TSCO Racing. In fact, more racers have RaceWorks prerunners than any other brand! See some videos of our luxury prerunners in action.

We coined the term "Luxury Prerunner" with our first build in the 90s. With our proven track record, you can be 100% confident our prerunners have the unsurpassed craftsmanship, performance, comfort, and reliability that you need when prerunning 1000 miles.

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