Craig Stewart & RaceWorks

Born to Build

Raceworks owner, Craig Stewart, was born into the off-road industry as son of the legendary Ivan “Ironman” Stewart. From about the time he could walk, Craig was always building or refurbishing something in the garage with Ivan. Whether it was off road race cars or classic cars, Craig was eager to learn everything he could. He was a natural with anything mechanical, and Ivan instilled in him the value of hard work.

In 1983, at just 15, Craig went to work for another off-road legend, Johnny Johnson.  There he built and maintained a variety of trucks and buggies for some of the most prominent racers of the time including Mike Leslie, Simon & Simon, and John Johnson. All of which won countless races and many championships.  


In 1995, RaceWorks was born. Since then, we have have designed, built and maintained countless vehicles competing in just about every class of off-road racing. Those include Class 1 Buggies, Trophy Trucks, Rally Trucks. Then, of course is probably what we are most known for, the Luxury Prerunner. In fact, Craig actually coined the term "Luxury Prerunner" and set the standard in our industry.

When it comes to working with customers, Craig is known for being a straight shooter. Whether it’s about completion time, costs, or product performance - he won’t make promises he can’t keep. That’s one of the reasons Raceworks has built such an extensive customer base. Others may be able to do it cheaper, but never better. You truly do get what you pay for in this sport.

Craig and his wife, Sherrie, live in Lakeside, CA with their two children, Dylan and Olivia. You can read more about Craig and Stewart's Raceworks at Four Wheeler, A VIEW FROM ABOVE: STEWART'S RACEWORKS.