Off-Road Prep/Maintenance

Meticulous, Experienced, Reliable Prep

Stewart's RaceWorks has a stellar reputation for it's off-road race prep and maintenance services. We maintain all types of off-road vehicles: Trucks, Buggies, Jeeps, RZRs and other UTVs. We have been instrumental in winning countless races and championships with some of the biggest teams in off-road, including Vildosola and TSCO Racing. 

While many of the larger teams have gone on to open their own shops, we continue to provide prep services to smaller teams, along with some of the big names, such as McMilllin and Sourapus, when their own shops are overwhelmed.

We also provide maintenance for non-race vehicles. Sometimes a customer will just want their RZR or other desert toy gone through once a year or every so often. We love the variety we get, and enjoy the unique customers we meet.

Craig has over 30 years experience working on every kind of off-road vehicle imaginable. One of our nicknames is "The Training Shop" as many of our employees, trained by Craig, have gone on to open their own successful prep businesses or to work for large teams.

Class 1 off-road buggy prepped and ready to race Baja

Class 1 off-road buggy prepped and ready to race Baja

See photos of some of our prep projects in our gallery