Off-Road Vehicle Fabrication

Experienced and Trusted Off-Road Fabrication

RaceWorks is a full-service fabrication shop providing the highest quality craftsmanship. We modify, repair, and build all types of off-road vehicles, including Trophy Trucks, prerunners, Jeeps, buggies, RZRs and other UTV's.  

Our fabricators include Bryant Hibbs, Javier Dilgadillo, Rick Sevilla, Marc Davis, and Raceworks owner, Craig Stewart. They are some of the most respected fabricators in the off-road industry with experience ranging from 10-30 years each.

One of our nicknames is "The Finishers" because we have finished countless projects that were started at various other shops, but were never completed. Most of the time this is due to their lack of experience, poor time management, or underestimating the cost. At Stewart's RaceWorks, we know what it takes, and we get the job done right the first time.

All of our vehicles and components are drawn using SolidWorks 3D software prior to starting fabrication. This eliminates costly mistakes. We were one of the first shops to do this starting in the 90's, so Craig has a lot of experience. So much so, that other prominent businesses in the  off-road industry utilize Craig for his CAD services. 

Stewart's RaceWorks also fabricates vehicle components and prototypes for other businesses in the off-road industry. Some of our customers include Fox Racing Shocks, Jimco Racing, Agile Off-Road, and Black Rhino. That says a lot about the respect we have in our industry.

So whether your looking to build something from the ground up, have modifications made to your existing vehicle, or have suspension and other components fabricated, you can be assured your project is in good hands.

One of our star fabricators, Bryant Hibbs, welding up an off-road vehicle

One of our star fabricators, Bryant Hibbs, welding up an off-road vehicle.

See photos of some of our fabrication projects in our gallery