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Mark McMillin's 4X4 Ford Super Crew Prerunner
Mark came to us with this Super Crew partially constructed by another fabricator. Something Craig is accustomed to by now, as there are many fabrication shops in this industry that have vision, but lack the knowledge, hard work, and determination to get the job done.

The extra size and components of a truck with a full four-door cab and 4WD suspension may seem daunting enough when taking on a project of this nature, but that was the least of Craig's problems. First he had to convince Mark to allow us to deconstruct thousands of dollars worth of the original fabricator's design flaws in order to create something that would be more suited to his expectations. However, Mark couldn’t be more pleased with the end result. This unique masterpiece truly rides like a Cadillac.
Weight: 6860 lbs
Wheel Base: 138 inches
Track Width: 90 inch
Suspension: Fox 4.x inch, 20" front 32" rear travel
Engine: 42ci V8 Ford SB - 600HP/600fpt - Leon Patton
Transmission: Rancho Trans - TH-400
Drive Line: New Venture Gear Transfer case, Chrisman 10inch rear end, Front end 10inch open, 5.00:1 ratio
Tires: 37x13.5x17 BFG Projects
Brakes: CNC
Wiring: Thunderworks
Body: Trailer Products
Seats: Mastercraft
Extras: Fuelsafe 75 Gallons, Aluminum work by Larry Storck