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Wayne Lugo's Ford Trophy Truck
Wayne Lugo has had several F-150 Prerunners built by Raceworks, but finally gave Craig the go ahead to build him a race car a few years back. Originally built as a Class 1 Truggy, Wayne decided after its initial season to have it converted to a Trophy Truck so as to obtain sponsorship more easily. Since a Truggy is essentially a Truck with a simpler buggy style body, the conversion was easy and Wally World did his usual masterwork with the paint.

Regardless of body design, this vehicle is one screaming fast machine. The Patton Racing Ford Aluminum 351 Windsor engine with Motec fuel injection peaks on the dyno at 780 horsepower at 6,800 rpm and 670 lb-ft of torque at 5,400 rpm. Patton prefers the Blue Oval engines to the Bow-Tie because they "have the best pull", an important factor in extreme off-road situations. And with nearly three feet of travel, hefty aluminum billet a-arms, and rear four-link suspension, it soaks up the rough desert terrain with little effort.

In 2007 Wayne paired up with another long-time Raceworks customer, Steve Olliges, to share the driving and high costs associated with racing a top performing race truck. Together they secured the coveted 2007 Best in the Desert Championship in the Las Vegas Team Ford sponsored Trick Truck. However, bogged down with work on his cattle ranch as well as eight children, Wayne decided to take some much needed time off from the race scene. But knowing Wayne, it won’t be long before he's itching to get back behind the wheel again.
Make / Model:
Raceworks SRW01
4980lbs wet
25" Front
33" Rear
Fuel Cell:
75 Gallons
A-Arm/Four Link w/ Anti-Sway Bar
Rear End:
Chrisman 10"
King 2.5" Coilover w/ King Kong 4" Bypass Tubes
Turbo 400 by Steve Culhane
BFG 37" Projects w/ inner liner
Ford 442ci
700 HP
10:1 Compression Ratio
Motec Fuel Injection System
Built by Leon Patton
Rack & Pinion Steering
Mastercraft Seats