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Izzy Stradlin's F-150 Luxury Prerunner
The first in our luxury line is currently owned by Izzy Stradlin of Guns N' Roses fame.

Talented musician Izzy Stradlin loves driving his new toy around his extensive ranch. The song "Drove", from his latest solo album titled "Concrete", is one of several songs he has written inspired by his passion for racing.

The 600HP, 442ci, small block, fuel-Injected Ford engine was built by Leon Patton, the engine builder of choice for top racers like Robbie Gordon and the Herbst brothers. The other components are just as superb, such as billet aluminum upper a-arms, Kartek uprights, hubs, and brakes; Chrisman Ford 10.5" Ring & Pinion, and 3" Coilovers and 4" By-Passes by King Shocks.

The interior has a huge motorized flip-up GPS and the rear bench seat option, great for squeezing in an extra person. The light bar with Hella H.I.D. lights flips down for protection when not in use and the lights are adjustable, all with the touch of a button from the convenience of the cockpit. The Craftsman jack with Raceworks Quick Release Mount and locking quick-release spare tire mount make changing tires a snap. Other features include a built-in battery charging system for storage with automatic release cord, and a two position ignition system for different fuel grades.
134 inch
Track width:
90 inch
A-Arm / Four Link
26" Front / 32" Rear Travel
442ciSB Fuel-Injected Ford
600HP/600fpt by Leon Patton
Turbo 400 by Steve Culhane
Rear End:
Chrisman 10.5"
39" BFG Projects
3" Coilovers, 4" Bypasses by King 
HP Wiring
Raceworks 2005 Ford F-150 Fiberglass 
Kartek Uprights, Hubs, Brakes
Aluminum Work by Larry Storck
Hella HID Lights
Butler Custom Headers
Tommy Lee Power Steering
Mastercraft Seats and Safety Equipment